Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A maze to amazing?.. we'll see.

Yesterday was Monday, July 23, the first day back for admin in our district. Any other year this day would come and go without notice or regard for me, but this year, I have been waiting for this Monday, just for sanity reasons. I have been wanting to get back into the building and get into my room to see what is ahead of me. I've been in 1st grade at this school in my same classroom for 7 years, and have grown fond of my sweet room. Now, I am teaching a new grade level, in a new room, and with 3 other people in the room with me, so it's important to get in there early and get my stuff organized and put away before the other people come in and get in there. Can you imagine the chaos! Yesterday when I walked in, I almost cried. I left all of my stuff in a giant, but organized giant pile on one side of the room. When I came in yesterday, it had all been moved and spread all around the room in various piles all over. I feel bad for those men that had to move all of my stuff to wax those floors, just not that bad! I LITERALLY had to move 3 rolled up carpets and 2 filing cabinets just to open the closet door in that room. By the end of 3 hours, my son and 2 girlie helpers and I had an elaborate maze through the piles that we had to manage to move around in there. I laughed at one point when I heard my 3 year old say to my 7 year old, "Josie, I hear her over by the window... do you see her? Let's try to find her this way..." I AM NOT EXAGERATING. That's how bad it really was. I would have taken a picture, but only a wide angle panoramic would have done it true justice. I have GOT to get in there and get some furniture moved around. I just did not have time with 3 kids and only 2 hours to work to try to squeeze the dollies (sp?) in there through the maze. I will take a picture of the mess on Wednesday when I go back, because I will definitely need proof of this journey from "A maze to Amazing" I think that this year, I am going to try to do a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. We are leaving on vacation on Friday (which is another reason why this room is freaking me out... time crunch!) But when I get back... Here are a few things that I want to try.
And all of these ideas from : Teach Preschool
I hope I can make these for name tags on "Meet the Teacher" night. I love them!
Ok, so now that I have even more on my list of things to do... I guess I'll head to hobby lobby and see what I can pick up for the projects on this list! Thanks for listening! Jennifer

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