Monday, July 9, 2012

too much to explain

It's been a long, tough year... I'm so sorry that I've not posted all year. Actually, if I could erase this past year like I do my dry erase board... I would. However, on a positive note... I had the best class ever. This was the highest class I have ever had in 1st grade and was so eager to read, that I actually had to go to the public library here to gather chapter books for them to read, because our small school libarary is great with a WonderFuL librarian, but we just don't have that many young readers chapter books and they could not get enough. I was so proud. I will miss them, but will be glad to begin again fresh this year. HOWEVER I will begin fresh for real. I will begin this 2012 year in a new grade level: PreK. I read bloggers all the time that get moved to different grade levels often and embrace it, so I will also. Although, I have taught this grade level for 12 years with my 2 best friends. This year I will still be right next to them, but 2 grade levels below. I am looking forward to a change, right??

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