Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Secret Message

In my class we have a "Secret Message" every month or so up on the wall. I take a piece of butcher paper and write out "Secret Messaage" at the top and then add blanks that spell something out "hangman style" for the class. Each time that they receive a compliment in the hallways or in another class, etc.. from another teacher, then I let someone come up and pick a space to receive a letter. Each time they receive a letter, they work together for days to figure out the words. When all of the letters are filled in then we get to do whatever the message says. A couple of years ago, my teammate decided to do the message with me. We usually have the same message (because let's face it.. when we have a reward day, we want to try to do it together). What makes it fun is that her kids pick different spaces than mine do, so it doesn't take the lightbulb kids long before they figure out that if they can sneak a peak into her class..they can gain a few more letters. Here are some of the rewards we've used in the past:
1. Let's take our shoes off!
2. You're PoPPin Good! -popcorn
3. You blow me away! - blow pops
4. You Fly Me to the Moon! - we make paper airplanes
5. Have a Coke and a Smile! - coke (sprite) day
6. You win a Spin! - they get to spin down the halls to specials
7. I donut believe you! - donuts

I would love other ideas: please share your ideas with me for secret messages if you have any!
Thanks for checking my blog.
Next time: Zero the Hero Labels freebie and ideas.


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