Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Year... More time.

Well, here we are again, July. I didn't post last year because it was difficult to wrap my head around all that was going on with my new assignment. I moved down 2 grade levels to PreK.. HUGE move. I joined a classroom with 3 other teachers... HUGE change. I have not a single moment without children during the day...HUGE commitment. I didn't have one ounce of desire to do anything school related most of the time. I was just trying to keep my head above water. This year, I hope to have more time and desire. PreK takes a lot of everything you have. I have been working this summer on lots of d├ęcor for my room. I decided that I'm not going to feel at home unless I make it my home (away from home). I am planning on lots of changes. Good changes. I will post pics tomorrow of the things that I have made and bought to make it my own.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A maze to amazing?.. we'll see.

Yesterday was Monday, July 23, the first day back for admin in our district. Any other year this day would come and go without notice or regard for me, but this year, I have been waiting for this Monday, just for sanity reasons. I have been wanting to get back into the building and get into my room to see what is ahead of me. I've been in 1st grade at this school in my same classroom for 7 years, and have grown fond of my sweet room. Now, I am teaching a new grade level, in a new room, and with 3 other people in the room with me, so it's important to get in there early and get my stuff organized and put away before the other people come in and get in there. Can you imagine the chaos! Yesterday when I walked in, I almost cried. I left all of my stuff in a giant, but organized giant pile on one side of the room. When I came in yesterday, it had all been moved and spread all around the room in various piles all over. I feel bad for those men that had to move all of my stuff to wax those floors, just not that bad! I LITERALLY had to move 3 rolled up carpets and 2 filing cabinets just to open the closet door in that room. By the end of 3 hours, my son and 2 girlie helpers and I had an elaborate maze through the piles that we had to manage to move around in there. I laughed at one point when I heard my 3 year old say to my 7 year old, "Josie, I hear her over by the window... do you see her? Let's try to find her this way..." I AM NOT EXAGERATING. That's how bad it really was. I would have taken a picture, but only a wide angle panoramic would have done it true justice. I have GOT to get in there and get some furniture moved around. I just did not have time with 3 kids and only 2 hours to work to try to squeeze the dollies (sp?) in there through the maze. I will take a picture of the mess on Wednesday when I go back, because I will definitely need proof of this journey from "A maze to Amazing" I think that this year, I am going to try to do a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. We are leaving on vacation on Friday (which is another reason why this room is freaking me out... time crunch!) But when I get back... Here are a few things that I want to try.
And all of these ideas from : Teach Preschool
I hope I can make these for name tags on "Meet the Teacher" night. I love them!
Ok, so now that I have even more on my list of things to do... I guess I'll head to hobby lobby and see what I can pick up for the projects on this list! Thanks for listening! Jennifer

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beautiful You at OneTrueMedia.com

Here is what I've been working on all week. Once school begins, I will lose all track of time and then November will be here before you know it, so I usually dedicate a few weeks during the summer to get ready for our family Buddy Walk that we participate in annually here in Dallas to support the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. Our Josie is one of a kind and we have a huge following that come out to support her on that day. We hope you enjoy the video to invite all of our team to Save the Date!


What a great giveaway today and with lots of chances to enter too! Check out the Barnyard Buzzers giveaway from Learning Resources here at First Grade Blue Skies!
First Grade Blue Skies
I need to order these if I don't win! So cute!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Looking for Blogs...

I would really appreciate any advice from all of you out there. If you know of any awesome Pre-K blogs, I would love some suggestions. Please comment below the names of the blogs and I will look them up! Thanks so much! -jennifer

too much to explain

It's been a long, tough year... I'm so sorry that I've not posted all year. Actually, if I could erase this past year like I do my dry erase board... I would. However, on a positive note... I had the best class ever. This was the highest class I have ever had in 1st grade and was so eager to read, that I actually had to go to the public library here to gather chapter books for them to read, because our small school libarary is great with a WonderFuL librarian, but we just don't have that many young readers chapter books and they could not get enough. I was so proud. I will miss them, but will be glad to begin again fresh this year. HOWEVER I will begin fresh for real. I will begin this 2012 year in a new grade level: PreK. I read bloggers all the time that get moved to different grade levels often and embrace it, so I will also. Although, I have taught this grade level for 12 years with my 2 best friends. This year I will still be right next to them, but 2 grade levels below. I am looking forward to a change, right??

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Secret Message

In my class we have a "Secret Message" every month or so up on the wall. I take a piece of butcher paper and write out "Secret Messaage" at the top and then add blanks that spell something out "hangman style" for the class. Each time that they receive a compliment in the hallways or in another class, etc.. from another teacher, then I let someone come up and pick a space to receive a letter. Each time they receive a letter, they work together for days to figure out the words. When all of the letters are filled in then we get to do whatever the message says. A couple of years ago, my teammate decided to do the message with me. We usually have the same message (because let's face it.. when we have a reward day, we want to try to do it together). What makes it fun is that her kids pick different spaces than mine do, so it doesn't take the lightbulb kids long before they figure out that if they can sneak a peak into her class..they can gain a few more letters. Here are some of the rewards we've used in the past:
1. Let's take our shoes off!
2. You're PoPPin Good! -popcorn
3. You blow me away! - blow pops
4. You Fly Me to the Moon! - we make paper airplanes
5. Have a Coke and a Smile! - coke (sprite) day
6. You win a Spin! - they get to spin down the halls to specials
7. I donut believe you! - donuts

I would love other ideas: please share your ideas with me for secret messages if you have any!
Thanks for checking my blog.
Next time: Zero the Hero Labels freebie and ideas.